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Our industrial burners are synonymous with reliability, efficiency and energy saving.

always seeking innovation and research in cutting-edge combustion technologies with a functional design and quality always guaranteed by the strictest international standards.

Why is it important to reduce the carbon footprint?

Our expertise in combustion and ongoing research into increasing sustainability have made it possible to design and manufacture burners capable of burning alternative fuels.

On the path to becoming increasingly sustainable, the carbon footprint parameter cannot be ignored.

Alternative fuels

Various alternative fuels
can be used in the combustion process


The carbon footprint is a parameter used to estimate greenhouse gas emissions, mainly CO2 emissions generated during the production cycle.
The use of traditional fossil fuels, such as natural gas, diesel or other fuels, generates a certain amount of pollutants during combustion, including CO2. Research and development has proven that the combustion of hydrogen, even using forced air burners, does not generate CO2 during the combustion process, making this gas one of the most interesting in terms of CO2 reduction.

Hydrogen (H2) is not available in nature as a gas and therefore must be produced

One interesting production method is electrolysis.
This process requires electricity, which can be obtained through renewable energy, giving this produced hydrogen the name of “green hydrogen”. In other cases, hydrogen may be available as a result of chemical and industrial processes. In these cases, hydrogen is commonly burned in the atmosphere, leading to a waste of resources. There is also the possibility of using it as fuel in a burner, thus utilising this waste and generating useful thermal energy.

Our wide range of burners

consists of several models, all of which can be customised to meet almost any industrial need, including Atex – Ex-d versions.
All products are supplied with CE declaration of conformity, EAC certification and relevant markings.

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