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Reliability, efficiency,
innovation, energy saving, optimal use of any type of fuel, customisation of any solution. These are the milestones we have been achieving around the world since 1975 with strength, passion and determination, creating burners that never stop.

We combine the most advanced technologies

with a functional design whose quality is always guaranteed by strict international standards.

A desire renewed in 2013 by a profound change in the structure of the corporation, which has given new impetus to the spirit of the company and has led to a complete renewal of our proposal.


Our range of Quemadores

General Bruciatori’s production is developed in four families of industrial burners:

Our wide range of industrial burners includes various models, which can be customised to meet most industrial requirements.
All products are delivered with CE declaration of conformity and related EAC marks.

Emission reductions

Being sustainable is a requirement that is becoming more and more important for companies and General Bruciatori gives its best to ensure continuous innovation for the preservation of the planet.

Our values are based on transparency and correct information, but also on a constant development of new technologies to guarantee the respect of the NOx emission standards and the Carbon Footprint.

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